Together, we are Defenders of Potential.

You’ve heard of us.

Our Bigs and Littles have been making incredible friendships across Greater Cleveland for over 60 years.

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland, we work with volunteers, parents and families to create one-to-one mentoring relationships that defend, inspire and empower the potential that lives within every kid.  We are ready to build the biggest possible future, together.

We’re still here, and we need still you!



Our mission is the same as it’s always been, but the need is more urgent than ever. We make a difference by creating professionally supported one-to-one matches for kids who want to realize their full potential. Our organization can’t make the impact we need in Greater Cleveland without you.

They have the potential to change the world. Be their ally.

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When you help fund a match, you empower potential.

Bigs and Littles who are matched for at least one year have the greatest impact. 96% say that their self-esteem improved. 100% of Littles improve attitudes toward risky behaviors like drug and alcohol use. And 94% do better in school.

Your contribution of $1,500 supports a match for 12 months. Your donation provides a child with an entire year of relationship building, thoughtful mentoring, and empowering potential.

Stand with us today by gifting support, understanding, and growth.